About Shannon

I obtained my certification from the Health Science Academy in 2015 as a Nutritional Therapist. Although my certification is recent, I have worked in the holistic health field for over 30 years. 

My first introduction came in 1985 when I began working in a chiropractic clinic. Learning how the body is designed to heal itself and understanding the concept and philosophy behind the science of chiropractic was my “open door” to what I have become today. 

During these 30 years I have worked and learned many things in a “hands-on” environment and have studied the anatomy, functions and systems of the human body, the science of genes and epigenetics, the damage free radicals can cause to the body and your health, the A-Z’s of micro nutrients just to name a few things that makes for a good nutritional therapist.

It is also important to understand that nutrition is not a one-size fits-all. Nutritional deficiencies are analyzed on an individual basis and no two clients are the same. Everyone’s needs are different, and some clients are recommended to supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals.

I also have a background in herbal study, massage, aroma therapy, EMT(A), and am a Reiki Master. I love to learn and pass my knowledge on to others so that they can be as healthy as possible, and there are times when one modality is not enough.

Through all these years, there has always been one constant – the health and well being of my clients. Achieving your optimum health potential is my top priority.

Our mission at ADIO Health Nutrition is to educate everyone in our community and beyond to care for their health in a natural, holistic way and to facilitate their journey.

It’s never too late to invest in your health. Let your body be the doctor it was meant to be. Above Down Inside Out

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